Economic Development and Retail Viability

Supporting small businesses in Cambridge makes our community more vibrant.  We need to help current business stay by making sure there is easy access to the goods and services they supply, listening to their concerns about reductions in parking, supporting cleanliness and maintenance of public spaces, and easing the burden of maintenance services (trash pick up and recycling).  We need also to make it easier to open a small business by streamlining the process.

Image_Harding4One idea to support retail viability is to pilot a 4 am license for a small number of current license holder in the squares.  With the advent of the Winn Casino in Everett, local businesses will feel the pinch of having a dining and entertainment juggernaut in the area.  For Cambridge to compete as a world class city it must have the amenities and possibilities this would provide.  This pilot program would allow us to test the pros and cons of the changes to our entertainment and dining zones.